By purchasing Climacalor fireplaces you can recover
part of the costs thanks to the bonuses and incentives 2022
super bonus


Wood and pellet generators are among the interventions that qualify for the 110% Superbonus and if you carry out an ancillary intervention of any kind, you can combine it with the installation of a Climacalor product with 4-star environmental certification and thus obtain the 110% deduction for the entire intervention.

It is a tax deduction of 110% on the expenses incurred by those who carry out thermal insulation, replacement of winter air conditioning systems and reduction of seismic risk in their condominiums or individual homes. The 110% tax deduction is valid for work carried out from 1 July 2020 and has different deadlines depending on who incurs the expense.
In order to obtain the 110% deduction, the interventions, as a whole, must ensure the improvement of at least 2 energy classes (e.g. from D to B), even in combination with other energy efficiency interventions foreseen by the ecobonus that normally foresee a lower deduction percentage. If this “jump” of 2 classes is not possible, it is necessary to obtain the passage to the highest energy class, so for those who are in energy class “A3” the superbonus is recognised with the passage to “A4”. The change of class must be demonstrated with the energy performance certificate (A.P.E.), before and after the intervention, issued by a qualified technician.

To obtain the superbonus, you can either indicate the expenditure in your tax return or request the so-called discount on the invoice from the supplier or access the transfer of the tax credit to third parties, including banks, financial operators but also neighbours or acquaintances.

The types of biomass plants that may be eligible for the plant replacement intervention envisaged by Superbonus 110% are:

  • Biomass boilers with a nominal power not exceeding 500 kWt;
  • Pellet stoves and thermo-fireplaces;
  • Wood-burning stoves and thermo-fireplaces.

The systems must comply with the requirements set out in Annex G of the Technical Requirements Decree to access the Superbonus.

The ClimaCaloR products that can access the 110% Superbonus are:

  • Idroplus Thermo-fireplaces
  • Airplus and Airplus HP Fireboxes
  • Airbox Inserts


The tax relief consists of a 50% IRPEF deduction for expenses incurred, among others, for the purchase of a Climacalor fireplace. These expenses must be part of a larger project of building renovation or energy-saving, and there is a maximum limit of € 96,000.


It is a tax deduction granted for total or partial replacement of the winter air-conditioning system with one equipped with a biomass generator, or as an integration or new installation on existing buildings.

The intervention requires:

  • minimum nominal efficiency of not less than 85%
  • the environmental certification as per Ministerial Decree no. 186 of 7.11.2017, implementing Legislative Decree 152/2006 (Art. 290, paragraph 4), according to point 1 of Annex 2 of Legislative Decree 28/2011;
  • compliance with local regulations for the generator and the biomass;
  • Generators powered by biomass fuels must comply with the requirements of annex G of the Ministerial Decree of 6.08.2020.
  • The total thermal power of the newly installed generators cannot exceed the power of the replaced generators by more than 10% unless the increase in power is justified and certified by a qualified technician.
  • In the case of the simultaneous replacement of another biomass plant, environmental certification with a quality class of 4 stars or higher must be obtained.

The deduction rate from IRPEF or IRES is 50% of the total expenses incurred from 1.01.2018 to 31.12.2021. Maximum allowable deduction limit: €30,000 per property unit.

The tax deduction is to be spread over 10 equal annual instalments, and from 1 January 2016, there is also the possibility of transferring the credit or requesting the entire contribution in the form of a discount on the invoice.

The ClimaCaloR products eligible for subsidies are:
– Idroplus Thermo-fireplaces
– Airplus Fireboxes
– Airbox Inserts


This covers building renovation work, both when it is carried out on individual residential units and when it concerns work on common parts of condominium buildings.
Decree-Law 83/2012, which has been extended several times, has raised the deduction percentage to 50% and the maximum amount of eligible expenditure to €96,000.
The relief is available not only to the owners of the property but also to the holders of real/personal rights of enjoyment over the property concerned and who bear the relevant costs (tenants, usufructuaries, etc.).
The works on individual property units that qualify for tax relief are as follows:
• extraordinary maintenance
• restoration and renovation
• building renovation

Extraordinary maintenance works can also include those carried out to achieve energy savings, with particular regard to the installation of systems based on the use of renewable energy sources.
The deduction for building renovation work cannot be combined with the tax relief provided for the same work by the provisions on the energy requalification of buildings.

The deduction rate from IRPEF or IRES is 50% of the total expenses incurred.
The tax deduction is to be spread over 10 equal annual instalments, and from 1 January 2016, there is also the possibility of transferring the credit or requesting the entire contribution in the form of a discount on the invoice.

All ClimaCaloR products are eligible for tax relief, with the exception of Prefabricated Patio Fireplaces.



Climacalor has dedicated a complete range of products with the technical requirements to benefit from this important economic incentive that “rewards” those who replace old heat generators with new systems with high efficiency and low polluting emissions.

A concentrate of ethical responsibility, commercial value and technology that Climacalor translates with eco-sustainable, competitive and technologically advanced products.

The Conto Termico provides incentives for measures to increase energy efficiency and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources for small-scale plants. The beneficiaries are mainly public administrations, but also companies and private individuals, who will be able to access funds amounting to €900 million per year, of which €200 million is earmarked for public administrations.

In particular, the Conto Termico allows for the receipt of an incentive, up to a maximum of 65% of the expenditure incurred, for the replacement of an existing heat generator with a new, more efficient and less polluting generator.

Within 60 days from the conclusion of the intervention, the Responsible Party, under penalty of exclusion from incentives, must submit to the GSE the request for incentives in the same manner as provided for the procedure of direct access. Therefore, the Responsible Party shall enter the final data for the final calculation of the incentives. The final balance will be calculated on the basis of the final data and the amount already paid in advance, in consideration of the ceiling indicated in the estimate that represents the maximum limit not to be exceeded.

The ClimaCaloR products that can benefit from the Conto Termico 2.0 incentive are:
• Idroplus Thermo-fireplaces
• Airplus and Airplus HP Fireboxes
• Airbox Inserts